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PB+IS General Overview

The main focus of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is to provide a clear system for all expected behaviors at Citrus Middle School. While many faculty and students may have assumptions of what is expected behavior, we cannot assume that everyone's beliefs are similar. Through PBIS, we will work to create and maintain a productive, safe environment in which ALL school community members have clear expectations and understandings of their role in the educational process.


What is PB+IS? (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports)

Establish a Positive Social Culture

Create a school environment where:

  • Student expectations are defined

  • Student expectations are taught
  • Student expectations are acknowledged
  • Student behavioral errors have immediate and consistent consequences
  • Faculty and staff behavior is positive, predictable and consistent
  • Data are gathered, summarized and used for decision making on a regular cycle

Citrus Middle School Expectations

Citrus Expectation Matrix

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Citrus Middle School Motto

  • Be Safe

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible 

Proactive Approach to School-Wide Discipline

Schools that implement school-wide systems of positive behavior support focus on taking a team-based system approach and teaching appropriate behavior to all students in the school. Schools that have been successful in building school-wide systems develop procedures to accomplish the following:

Behavior Expectations