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Citrus Middle School  

School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

General Overview

            The main focus of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is to provide a clear system for all expected behaviors at Citrus Middle School. While many faculty and students may have assumptions of what is expected behavior, we cannot assume that everyone’s beliefs are similar. Through PBIS, we will work to create and maintain a productive, safe environment in which ALL school community members have clear expectations and understandings of their role in the educational process.


Proactive Approach to School-Wide Discipline

     Schools that implement school-wide systems of positive behavior support focus on taking a team-based system approach and teaching appropriate behavior to all students in the school. Schools that have been successful in building school-wide systems develop procedures to accomplish the following:


1. Behavioral Expectations are Defined. A small number of clearly defined behavioral expectations are defined in positive, simple, rules. Citrus Middle School Pride Commitments are:
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible


2. Behavioral Expectations are Taught. The behavioral expectations are taught to all students on campus and are taught in real contexts. Teaching appropriate behavior involves much more than simply telling students what behaviors they should avoid. Specific behavioral examples are:
  • Being respectful means raising your hand when you want to speak or get help.
  • Being respectful means using a person’s name when you talk to him or her.
  • Being respectful means following dress code guidelines
  • Being safe means knowing and following classroom and school rules on a daily basis.
  • Being safe means to be on time.
  • Being safe means cleaning up after yourself.
  • Being responsible means to be prepared with assignments and materials.
  • Being responsible means to follow and respond appropriately to adult direction.
  • Being responsible means using appropriate language in and out of the classroom.


Behavioral expectations are taught using the same teaching formats applied to other curricula. The general rule is presented, the rationale for the rule is discussed, positive examples (“right way”) are described and rehearsed, and negative examples (“wrong way”) are described and modeled. Students are given an opportunity to practice the “right way” until they demonstrate fluent performance.


3. Appropriate Behaviors are Acknowledged. Once appropriate behaviors have been defined and taught, they need to be acknowledged on a regular basis. CMS has designed a formal system that rewards positive behaviors. “Caught demonstrating Viking Pride” are immediate forms used by the individual teacher, as a tool of encouragement and a student motivator.


4. Behavioral Errors are Corrected Proactively. When students violate behavioral expectations, clear procedures are needed for providing information to them that their behavior was unacceptable and preventing that unacceptable behavior from resulting in inadvertent rewards. Students, teachers, and administrators all should be able to predict what will occur when behavioral errors are identified.

Citrus Middle School Teaching Matrix





Outdoor Walkways



Get to Destination Promptly


Awareness of personal space


Use Walkway


Food Area



Form a straight line


Clean-Up after yourself


Practice good table manners




Use restroom quickly and quietly


Use paper and water wisely


Report any problems to your teacher

School Activities



Awareness of personal space


Follow Directions


Be a Good Sport


Positive interactions




Be on Time


Come Prepared


Be engaged in the learning process


Complete ALL assignments


Keep hands and feet to self


Walk quietly by classrooms in session


Be Polite to authority figures, students and visitors

Keep feet and hands to self


Be aware of personal space


Be polite to adults, students and visitors

Keep feet and hands to self


Keep walls and fixtures clean


Keep paper off the floor

Keep feet and hands to self


Show positive sportsmanship


Be polite to adults, students, and visitors

Keep feet and hands to self


Follow classroom expectations


Be polite to adults, students, and visitors


Respect school and personal property




Report dangerous or threatening behavior



Report spills and unsafe conditions

Report spills and unsafe conditions


Report unsanitary conditions

Report dangerous or unsafe situations

Maintenance and awareness of personal space


Use school/personal property appropriately


Report dangerous or unsafe situations.








Citrus Middle School Behavior/Academic Goals 2019-20


Behavioral Goal(s)

85% of our students will have a gpa of 2.3 or better

Academic Goal(s)

Citrus Middle  School will decrease suspensions by the number of students suspended by  0.3% or greater when compared to the 5.1% suspension rate of 2018-19. (Goal is 4.8% or less...about 32 students based on 674 total attendance.)  


What is PB+IS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports)

“Establish a Positive Social Culture”

ØCreate a school environment where:
üStudent expectations are defined
üStudent expectations are taught
üStudent expectations are acknowledged
üStudent behavioral errors have immediate and consistent consequences
üFaculty and staff behavior is positive, predictable and consistent
üData are gathered, summarized and used for decision making on a regular cycle